Hadrian is a Milan-based multidisciplinary artist, considering his creative works in photography and video-making which depict his unique perspective and passion for traveling, stumbling from one beautiful place into another around Europe since 2005. 

With architecture background he took in 2007, Hadrian sharpened his sensitivity towards fundamental elements that shape both universes, architecture and visual-images, from proportion, form, to human’s personal feeling and experience in dedicated spaces.     

Capturing poetic images has become an essential medium to express the beauty of his surroundings. Most of Hadrian’s works are inspired by people, culture, space, and architecture which he recognised in the midst of his travels. Without any formal studies or actively joining any photography community, Hadrian devotes himself in this art form out of curiosity, passion, and fascination towards alluring moments and places he had ever been to around the world.

Hadrian considers photography as a precious ‘tool’ to tell genuine stories and perceives them as precious memories to be shared.

© studio/hadrian 2018

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