August 2017

Isola di Capri

Capri, Italy

Photo / text  Hadrian Tombak

Editor  Shavira Anandiara


An island of myths, surrounded by the remarkable azure blue of Tyrrhenian Sea and revolved  around the charming ancient Roman origins that remind you of the quintessential lazy summer evenings. God must had fallen in love when He painted Capri, an idyll that depicts the rendezvous of majestic cliffs, reflective water and pure blue sky.


As soothing as the Isle of Capri song by Frank Sinatra, Capri is a refined beauty that inexplicably charmed travellers, intellectuals, and the international jet-set for more than 200 years by its own idea of La Dolce Vita. We experienced the infamous one-hour cruise ship trip to Capri from the main port in Sorrento, Marina Grande. Led by a lovely father and son, we were enjoying the breezing wind and Tyrrhenian waves. We witnessed the dignified coastal scenery, coupling, greeting us gracefully to the Capri territorial water. They were known as Faraglioni, a coastal and oceanic rock formation eroded by waves. 


Stepped into the island of Capri was such a moving excitement, captivated by the bright-coloured umbrellas that instantly reminded me of Lollipops. They matched the cluster of colourful houses overlooking the harbour filled with small fishing boats and the view of mountains behind. 

Capri definitely enchanted our senses by the uniqueness of its complete fusion of sights, sounds, smells and sceneries, from the Grotta Azzurra sea cave, the memorable fragrance of flashy bougainvillea to the authentic Caprese and Limoncello. A unique landscape of wild beauty sculpted by wind, sea and the hand of men that depict the evocative plays of light. An authentic definition of Italia Paradiso but also a consolation prize that makes you longing to come again.

© studio/hadrian 2018

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