January 2018

Non Stop Amusement

Milan, Italy

Text  Shavira Anandiara

Photo  Hadrian Tombak

“I’ve always said that the creative expression is the opposite of death... It’s hope."
-Rick Owens



Directly invited by Richard Mortimer, the entrepreneur behind the cult London club BoomBox and currently the Editor-in- Chief of Ponystep Magazine, I don’t think twice to accept the invitation, ask my friends to come along and anxiously wait for the night to begins. It’s the best time of the year in Milan (yes, besides Christmas) the fashion week has just started and all I can see around my neighbourhood are models, buyers, photographers - prominent players in this multi-billion dollar industry, walking back and forth in such a rush for showrooms’ appointments. What a view to see all those beautiful people! 


As the night approaching, I start to wonder about how awesome this party might be. As a big fan of the eponymous label, a few weeks ago I paid a visit to his on-going exhibition at Triennale di Milano, Rick Owens - Subhuman Inhuman Superhuman and truly satisfied with the retrospective. Beautifully curated by Eleonora Fiorani, the exhibition showcases more than 100 garments, objects, accessories, furniture and runway videos which successfully depicted Rick Owens’ dedication towards fashion industry and endless creativity. Along with spectacular site-specific installation of avant-garde lights and sculpture (even his own hair is a part of the sculpture’s material), Rick Owens’ proudly presents his iconic pieces from FW98 to SS18 Collection. A brutal, barbaric, raw yet delicate and beautiful exhibition, where all details in the room were peculiarly complement each other and created a genuine conversation that perfectly illustrated the personality of 56-year-old cult designer, and not to mention his long-time partner, muse, creative collaborator and business partner, Michèle Lamy. 


Back to the first most awaited night in 2018, I found myself ready (honestly, I didn’t need too much time to put myself together) and we left the apartment straight to the venue. The party was held at Via Privata Giovanni Ventura, 14 - known for its authentic industrial architecture of wide space, high ceiling and intimidating cold concrete wall. Entering the venue, I was utterly fascinated by 2 beautiful white horses in front of the gate. “Fuck! It’s insane!” said one random guy that walked next to us. I was in dazed and that time, I knew this party will be beyond amazing. Curious people started to take photographs and even touched the horses (don’t worry, they are perfectly tamed with two athletic doormen) and I officially stepped into Rick Owens’ universe.


The night was young and fashion people were gathered, enjoying the dark atmosphere. Everyone was wearing black, showing their appreciation towards the “Prince of Darkness”. Everything inside was very hypnotic, started from the light installation, the cradle of ultra-loud techno music, two naked identical sumo dancers (I believe they don’t come from earth because they’re just too fabulous) and unbelievably handsome skinny topless bartenders. 

We got even more comfortable with our drinks and hit the dance floor as Ryoji Ikeda span the console and mesmerised the audience with his breath-taking visuals. Everything felt just right and people were undoubtedly having the time of their lives. I personally never felt such a buoyant energy from every corner of the place, even Rick and Michèle themselves were awed by the performance of Ryoji Ikeda while mingling among the crowd (on the next page I will show you the proof!). His performance soon came to an end and continued by other talented Djs which keep the vibe absolutely burning. 

It was spectacular until the very end, everyone felt like their powers unfold and so did we. It’s a non stop amusement and I perceived the event as something that was beautifully designed by the most hardworking, disciplined yet passionate and obsessive creative minds under the helm of Rick Owens. It was a magical night where for a second I believed that heaven can be on earth too. 


© studio/hadrian 2018

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