April 2017

The Graduates

Milan, Italy

Celebrate graduation in the authentic Italian way, definitely a precious experience like no other. 


With a noble laurel crown that symbolise victory and honour, Italians profoundly state “this is how we made it” on their special day. By exceeding one prominent education stage to unlock their future achievements, Italian graduates cherish their brilliant heads with a special circular wreath made of interlocking branches and aromatic broadleaf evergreen. 


A moment full of excitement and adorned by smiles from family and friends, Italian graduation is a remarkable day that generates mixed feelings of nostalgia after years of hard work and non-stop efforts. University is a place where people establish a journey, set their own rules and guide theirselves through numerous challenges. But today is both an end and a new beginning, filled with satisfying joy yet jittery feelings to welcome the reality. 


What a fascinating scene of satisfied laugh that worths thousands of picture, Italian graduates are so unique and it is hard to be associated with typical ‘90s must-watched American graduation movies.


Complimenti! A well-deserved compliments along with a toast of champagne.

Photo / text  Hadrian Tombak

Editor  Shavira Anandiara

© studio/hadrian 2018

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