April 2017

The Marble Crown

Milan, Italy

Text  Kasia Pawlik

Photo  Hadrian Tombak

A coronation to three incredible years in Milan. 

A city, urbanistically speaking, duomo - centric, growing around a massive cathedral.

A huge marble masterpiece.

It’s a landmark. It’s a story. It’s a star.


It looks down proudly over city rooftops, recognizable straight away. 

A Gothic ornamental white crown outstanding from the city’s skyline. 

Constructed over almost six centuries by seventy eight architects and countless workers.

An ultimate place of every significant Milanese event including the coronation of kings.

The Duomo took a long and difficult road to completion, just as we are taking to become architects. 

This is why it felt only right to celebrate another victory on the way there.

Where else could we celebrate the final rays of Italian sunshine, after three years of architectural drive. 

Only on the ultimate rooftop, that observed the last six hundreds years of the city’s beating heart and made it significant. 

Overlooking our beloved city, endless inspiration, a place of our triumphs and setbacks, framed by unique Gothic details.


With friends, with history, with masterpiece, with view.


Take a breath, look down and admire.


© studio/hadrian 2018

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