April 2017

Under The Sun

of Italian Riviera

Portofino, Italy

Photo / text  Hadrian Tombak

Editor  Shavira Anandiara


An escapism, we were having a brief celebration after some of my close friends’ graduation. Accompanied by the warm April temperature, when the spring had sprung and the sun shined bright adorning the day. We felt like it was just a one-minute train trip from Milan, although in fact we spent three hours of deep conversation, from thesis life to the exciting yet worrisome future plans.

As the train arrived to a small crescent-shaped village along the edge of the calm bay, as praised by Guy de Maupassant, we fell in love immediately with the dense Mediterranean personality of Portofino’s landscape. We were greeted by the rich colours of Italian Riviera, a masterpiece that consisted of the emerald sea, bright-coloured houses and a picturesque Piazzetta surrounded by elegant yachts and small fishing boats.

We started the tour and discovered the fantastic route of more than 8 kilometres red carpet that ranged from Santa Margherita to Portofino. As we experienced this extraordinary walk, we realised that this red carpet ‘humbly’ guided us to the most interesting parts of the city, a blend of natural, cultural and historical attractions. Leisurely wandering around, we explored the town’s twisting backstreets full of beautiful cafés and the artisan workshops of sophisticated bobbin lace. 

One of the most heavenly destination in Italy, especially when the flower is at its most lush and every corner is a sight for sore eyes, a trip to Portofino is my kind of mind therapy.

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